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Recommended Trees & Shrubs

For Guadalupe County and Surrounding areas

Compiled by: Leigh Ann Marez, Guadalupe County NMSU Extension Agent

Due to it’s location in the central part of the NE quadrant of NM, Guadalupe County has a great variation in weather conditions. The southern and eastern part of the county are subject to high winds during the spring and summer, but sometimes all year; the north and west part of the county are subject to major variability in regard to early and late frosts and planting directives. It should also be noted that, our high winds, which can occur year round, along with extreme variability in temperatures across the County, can present challenges to growers. The windy conditions dry our soils quickly. Planting of any vegetation, be it farm crops or landscape plants such as trees and shrubs, is tricky and requires growers to be diligent and patient.

Click here to find specific recommended trees and shrubs (.pdf) for Guadalupe County, including growing tips and images.

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