Community & Economic Development

Our county Extension program is responsive to the needs and concerns of our local citizens. Therefore, our staff often takes on special projects which may be unique to our county. These efforts often include promoting local economic development, tourism development and programs in e-commerce.

Natural Resources in Guadalupe County

Guadalupe County and the City of Santa Rosa have been working on developing an Economic Development Corporation. Communities across our rural county are dying. There has been a concerted effort by County and City Government, local Business owners and citizens across the County, to take a look the Energy and Natural Resource opportunities across the county that may add to the positive economic profile of the County.

A local Town Hall Meeting, held Feb. 9, 2015, highlighted Energy and Natural Resources throughout the County, and, was coordinated by the local NMSU Guadalupe County Cooperative Extension Service. Take a LOOK at the HIGHLIGHTS (link below) and information from this 2 hour community meeting.

Guadalupe County Natural Resources Overview (7.2 MB .pdf)